ACASIS Company was established. Initial business is OEM&ODM for major international brands, customers mainly from the United States, Germany, Europe, Japan, etc., with excellent brand cooperation, laid the ACASIS high-quality product requirements belief.


In the field of digital accessories, ACASIS team has accumulated solid experience in product design, quality control and supply chain management. The products have won the trust of international customers.


ACASIS has launched a series of heavy-duty series, such as hard disk boxes and video converters. It has continuously upgraded its existing products and won support from more and more users. At the same time, ACASIS has accelerated the internationalization process of the brand.


ACASIS brand was formally established, with excellent design and quality, quickly opened the domestic and foreign offline market; In the same year, it entered Ali Tianmao Platform.


ACASIS has excellent performance in offline distribution market and Tianmao Platform. At the same time, cross-border e-commerce has become a well-known supplier of cross-border e-commerce products.


ACASIS began to further optimize the supply chain system. New products of higher quality, such as aluminium shell fever and metal fever, have laid the foundation of ACASIS quality fittings.


ACASIS focuses on the layout of type C products, and has established a good relationship with relevant customers in the industry! Apply for a number of product patents to escort intellectual property innovation


ACASIS reorganizes production process, redesigns organizational structure, strengthens training of employees'skills and service awareness, and brings new vitality to enterprises.