M.2 NVME solid state mobile dual-disk hard drive dock

ACASIS typec USB 10Gbps to NVME Clone Dual-Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure for M2 SSD M Key 2230 2242 2260 2280,Supports Hard Drives up to 8TB with Offline Clone M.2 Duplicator Auto Sleep Function

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  • 【Easy Operation】SSD Not Included. This ACASIS NVME Docking Station can Offline copy, no need to connect to a computer, file data, audio and video data. When connect to the computer, read the hard disk, exit safely and clone again. It may help you clone easily and protect the nvme enclosure and SSD.

  • 【High Performance】Plug and play, no drivers needed. Supports hard drives up to 8TB. Reads two hard drives simultaneously.Please remind The capacity of the target SSD must Large or equal than the original SSD.

  • 【Amazing Transfer Speed】Achieving 10Gbps USB data transition from NVM Express PCI-e SSD to host PC, MacBook and NAS disk station. Pushing USB3.1 Gen2 to its limit, R/W speed up to 992MB/s with most NVMe.

  • 【Efficient Heat Dissipation】Stereo solid-state hard disk box offline clone base, fast heat dissipation, better protection of hard disk.

  • 【Confirm SSD Interface Before Order】ThisNVME Docking Station only support nvme interface.Support most PCIe NVMe M key or B+M key SSD.


Product Description


It does clone Nvme Drives

Acasis USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps Dual-Bay NVME Docking Station,Lay-Flat External Hard Drive Docking Station for M2 SSD Key M, Support Offline Clone Function and Tool-Free Installation.

Provides Ultra-fast access for reading and writing on up to 2 Solid State Drive simultaneously. Offers faster read (992MB/S) /write (952.4MB/S) data speeds to and from M.2 NVMe SSD.

You will never regret to have one.


SSD whole copy function without PC

SSD copying (cloning) is possible at the push of a button without using a personal computer.

To access NVME with a PC: Once you attach power and Type-C USB, you're ready to go. Carefully insert the NVME SSD into the slot(s) of your choice and push the power button on the back of the dock. Wait a few seconds, and the dock should enumerate in Windows. Depending on the state of the SSD, you'll either need to go to Drive Manager to initialize and format the SSD's, or they could just pop-up in Explorer, ready to use.

For Standalone Duplication: Plug the target SSD into Slot B (the front of the dock, closest to the clone button), and plug the source SSD into slot A (the end were the power adapter connects). Target SSD capacity must be ≥ Source SSD capacity. Press and hold the power button for ~3 seconds to begin the clone process. LED's on the front top of the dock indicate clone progress - 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

please note:

1. Do not connect to the computer during use.

2. SSD condition: If there is a bad sector in the SSD, copying may stop. Scan the SSD once before copying to make sure there are no bad sectors.

3. Make sure that the two SSD disks can be recognized on the computer when plug in our nvme enclosure.If not, it could not clone.




Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and Linux

File systems may be operating system specific preventing the drive from recognizing correctly on systems with different operating systems

This dock makes processing M.2 NVME SSD's SUPER easy and convenient. It can also enable mishandling and ignorance.

Compact, freestanding design making dissipates heat and exhaust efficiently, aluminum construction protects the drive from overheating and reduces vibration.

● Make sure the small fine pitch connectors don't get contamination in them and check them before inserting an SSD!

● Ensure very careful insertion and removal into the slots, and only when the power is off!

● Don't tilt or bend your SSD's during insertion or removal and never force them into the slots!



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